No Bunny Campaign

We took the name "No Bunny" from the band Pailhead, a great inspiration to us, and gave it a new meaning. Local products wth "No Bunny" need to be brought up to date to modern responsibility.

No Bunny
It's not funny
Don't believe everything you read
It's fable
Just a label
So don't follow the lead

There's no bunny 
I promise.
It's ugly
It's stupid
Don't be the same 

The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) created the Leaping Bunny program in 1996, and when a company or product has proven they are cruelty-free*, they gain the right to show the Leaping Bunny logo on thier products.

Here at the AVPR we are excited to spread the word of the Leaping Bunny, and to promote responsible consumerism on the island. We have spotted the Leaping Bunny logo on responsible products at Puerto Rico Drug, Freshmart, Walgreens, Ayurvedics, and many other places in Puerto Rico. We will be reviewing and spotlighting different cruelty-free products every month!

* Remember, the Leaping Bunny Logo means these products, and their ingredients, and "cruelty free" in the sense that they have not been tested on animals. Somehow that does NOT incorporate animal products, which may still be used in the product, or the making of the product. Yeah... we're confused by that as well. 

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For a great interview with the people behind the bunny, check out The July Journal