Got Water?

Water Conservation
It's not just a good idea-it's the law.

Back when we said we were running low on water
people still washed their cars daily.
Back when we said there has not been any rain for months and this could be catostrophic
people washed their cars daily.

Now- no more water.
The island is in rations-24 hours of water every 3 days.

And the rains are not coming.

And the cloud seeding is not working.

It is REALLY time for us to start learning how to conserve water, and put rainwater-collecting systems in place.

OK Puerto Rico... Let's do this.

It’s summer in the Caribbean, something we never really experienced until a couple of years ago. Our summer coincided with “Hurricane Season” (storm season more realistically), and July and August might have been hot, but with the cloud coverage and daily delightful whisps of rain and breeze, most of the island would have never been the wiser.

Things have changed, haven’t they?
Now we are breaking 100 degree heat, the rains have not come in years, and we are facing more environmental problems than we have ever known. Air and water contamination, drought, and water rationing are just the main ones, and the lack of water on the island is affecting every living being in our mountains, countryside, cities, shorelines, forests, jungles, and yes… rainforests.
How do we shop when our other major issue, the island’s severe debt, has raised prices of all products in stores, AND raised IVU to 11.5%? How do we cook for our families when we are rationed 24 hours of water every THREE DAYS?
We know it’s looking bleak out there, but there are ways to get around this, and we’re here to show you how.
Water reuse and conservation (do’s and don’ts), recipes, tips, and getting back to our roots are all necessary at the moment, and we will post and share as much as we can here!