This has to be a meta for 2015. There are pine trees that grow locally here, and renting them in pots to crazy Christians who are hell bent on killing nature to celebrate the birth of Jesus will now have the option of RENTING a tree to decorate, without worrying about disposing of it later!! 

The Living Christmas company based in California is renting Christmas trees to locals who want to celebrate responsibly this year. It is estimated that about 30 million families kill trees every year during the holiday season. Sure there are states that have tree farms, that plant trees specifically to be killed within seven years, but why kill to celebrate a holiday?

Here in Puerto Rico, Christmas tress are not a tradition, and these trees being killed and imported by big box stores are expensive and sprayed with many toxins for export. There is no reason to import dead trees for no reason. Luckily enough, most Puerto Rican families do not choose to kill nature to celebrate the holidays. Would the few families that choose to have a real Christmas tree be willing to rent one? Check out our poll section to put in your answer!