Earth Balance

After years of trying to ignore the debate, much like  ChallengeOppression.com wrote wayy back in 2009, I've been doing pretty well all year weening out palm oil from my diet, and yes, that includes Earth Balance. People have been amazing on Facebook supporting me, letting me know (again) that this is a luxury item, and by all means we don't need this to live, but the orangatangs DO need their habitat. Yes, you're right. May I point out tht luxury item is a world of difference when it is one of the very few that can be found on a Caribbean island, but luxury item nonetheless.

By preparing my menu for Vegan Thanks 2013, I stumbled upon hundreds of recipes that all looked brilliant, and most had EB. I decided to check once again, just to make sure I was still supporting the no palm debate- maybe overnight everyone had changed their ingredients?

What I found was that Earth Balance is being very proactive to take their palm products from forests that do not support orangatangs, and have started a number of initives to promote responsible palm oil production.

Is it enough?