Plan Your Own DAY OF THE DEAD Bash!!

You have a space, a few friends, and a vision. Day of the Dead done right... at your house!

I believe most Mexican foods were created for fiestas! It is so easy to find great party portions, dips and chips, and finger foods done quick and easy! A quick vegan 7 Layer Dip, Black Bean Avocado Salad, Yucca Taquitos & a couple trays of brightly colored cupcakes should win over any crowd, but for more tips, http://www.veganmexicanfood.com is the way to go.

This is where Pandora really pays off. Mariachi music is the best, and our favorite Mexican artist, Lila Downs,  rocks any concert, event, or party! And yes, somehow The Cramps always works as well. For a fun touch put out little instruments around the room as working decorations. Skull maracas are fun on an end table, or for shaking it on the dancefloor!

Color color color!  skulls and flowers cut out of tissue paper are fun, as are garlands cut of brightly colored paper.  Balloons, art, and materials of BRIGHT color always work well. Piñatas can be beautiful (not just for kids parties anymore) and the candies and trinkets can be put out in bowls around the room.

Although the tissue paper cutouts are extremely traditional, if you are looking for a more authentic look, real or dried orange and yellow flowers (Chrysanthemums and Marigolds), small candles, dried corn, bowls of colored dried beans, and hanging bright or dark colored materials are some great ideas.

Face painting-know a tattoo artist or make up artist that can really whip up good Day of the Dead face paint? Put them to work & let them get creative! Not only are all halloween face paints safe & available during this time, but also glitter, sequins, and stencils can make this a lot more fun!

Sugar skull or chocolate skull decorating- Sugar skulls are easy to make (especially if you don't live in a humid climate), and are so much fun to decorate! Brightly colored icings, edible glitters, and cupcake decorations can make beautiful skulls! (recipes and supplies can be found here http://mexicansugarskull.com/sugar_skulls/sugar-skull-supplies.html)

Mix up your favorite punch, sangria, and margarita mixes ahead of time, and chill some Coronas and cut limes, so the bar can run itself! If you have a bartender or extra time, Tequilla Sunrises, Hibiscus mixers, and Mexican Hot Choclate shooters are party boosters!

Have fun, and get creative! I love Day of the Dead because to me it brings meaning, culture, tradition & style to our already spooky Halloween time, the holiday that lost its roots many many decades ago! And as always, any party is always more fun as a vegan pot luck!! Enjoy!