Our 5 Favorite Vegan Recipe Sites!

In no particular order, these are the sites we recommend when people are interested in cooking vegan goodness in their own homes!

1. Post Punk Kitchen.
Yes, this is a no brainer. AMAZING food, easy to follow recipes, and hot vegan chicks all together in a cute little package. These famous vegan authors are responsible for giving us such books as the Veganomicon, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, Vegan Brunch, Vegan with a Vengeance, Vegan Latina, Vegan Eats World, Viva Vegan!, Vegan Pie in the Sky and probably countless others. They also brought us the BCAT (Brooklyn Cable Access) television show Post Punk Kitchen. Although they are not filming anymore, the site lives on as a staple for amazing recipes and cooking/baking tips. Great for beginners in the kitchen, or newbies to veganism. Easy to follow, and the recipes taste great.

2. Vegweb.com
The Vegweb site blows me away. I am almost overpowered by how many recipes there are, and how nicely they are organized. The site is very easily navigated, na dthe recipes are plentiful. Not all are vegan, and since they are posted by the Vegweb community, not all have reviews, tips, variations or photos. It's a little more of a crap shoot, but with so many good recipes available, and general vegan information, it is still one of the first sites we go to when we need a good recipe!

3. Seitan is my Motor This is an old favorite blog from Dresden, Germany that has veganized some of my favorite European foods. Interesting, cultural, and some hella recipes.

4. VEGANYUMYUM This blog brings extremely appealing photos with incredibly easy and fun recipes. These creative and unusual combinations, and extremely versitile dishes, along with the look and content of this blog makes me want to jump up and cook, whether I am hungry or not. Seriously. \\

5. Vegan Lunch Box Another blog I have followed for many years, but at first blew off because I don't pack a lunch or have kids. Hello! How wrong I was! Packed with information, great recipes, easy snacks, and lots more, who needs the kids to eat great food?