Our new Fav… Thug Kitchen!

OK, we know it's not exactly NEW, but maybe newer to a few of you! Dr. Thug is the head of Thug Kitchen, a site that tries to take the pretentiousness out of plant-based cooking. Vegan diets need not be expensive or exclusive, and we give Dr. Thug big ups for reminding the people that. Here in PR we always get the same reaction...

"Being vegan in the Caribbean must be impossible."

My answers, which through the years have turned from sarcastic to downright snotty, usually go something like this "Yes, it's impossible to eat healthy on an island that grows great fresh food all year long for next to nothing."

I'm not sure when our society (on a whole) decided that huge houses and fancy cars are worth generations of debt, and our bodies deserve "whatever is on sale" and day-old bread, but hopefully we are turning our ways of thinking towards taking care of ourselves and our families first. It doesn't matter if your car is a Lexus or a Honda if you are driving it to chemotherapy, or you don't live long enough to pay it off. Puerto Rico is living proof that no big bank accounts are needed to give your body the nutrition it needs to fight off diseases, viruses, and infections.  Hopefully Thug Kitchen is reaching a lot more people with this train of thought as well.  

Congrats to Thug Kitchen for being nominated for Best Food Blog 2013 by The Saveur! The Frank151.com interview with Dr. Thug is available here