Ology Products

There are probably millions of vegan, cruelty-free, organic, gluten-free products on the market, and I am sure they are all delectable and worth every penny, but what product choices can I make locally, at stores available to me, to make a difference?

One product line that is ready to help lift ecological footprints is the Walgreens private line called Ology, available in most Walgreens on the island. Ology is a non-toxic, natural, environmentally friendly line of household cleaning, paper, disposable, and beauty products. The paper products are "tree free" and created with a blend of sugarcane husk, and bamboo, one a byproduct from the sugar industry, and the other one of the most renewable sources in the world.  The beauty, baby, and cleaning products are non-toxic and cruelty-free.

Puerto Rico has more Walmarts and Walgreens (per capita) than anywhere else in the world. Many of these environmental, ecological, and affordable products are available all over the island! If these are not in your area, check online at www.walgreens.com/q/ology, or ask the manager to start carrying Ology products.

Puerto Rico, meet Ethiopia!!

Congrats to Sharon Carlaine for winning the Fassica Ethiopian spice package! We are getting ready for some Latin-Ethiopian fusion recipes like none we have ever seen!!


Got Water?

Water Conservation
It's not just a good idea-it's the law.

Back when we said we were running low on water
people still washed their cars daily.
Back when we said there has not been any rain for months and this could be catostrophic
people washed their cars daily.

Now- no more water.
The island is in rations-24 hours of water every 3 days.

And the rains are not coming.

And the cloud seeding is not working.

It is REALLY time for us to start learning how to conserve water, and put rainwater-collecting systems in place.

OK Puerto Rico... Let's do this.

It’s summer in the Caribbean, something we never really experienced until a couple of years ago. Our summer coincided with “Hurricane Season” (storm season more realistically), and July and August might have been hot, but with the cloud coverage and daily delightful whisps of rain and breeze, most of the island would have never been the wiser.

Things have changed, haven’t they?
Now we are breaking 100 degree heat, the rains have not come in years, and we are facing more environmental problems than we have ever known. Air and water contamination, drought, and water rationing are just the main ones, and the lack of water on the island is affecting every living being in our mountains, countryside, cities, shorelines, forests, jungles, and yes… rainforests.
How do we shop when our other major issue, the island’s severe debt, has raised prices of all products in stores, AND raised IVU to 11.5%? How do we cook for our families when we are rationed 24 hours of water every THREE DAYS?
We know it’s looking bleak out there, but there are ways to get around this, and we’re here to show you how.
Water reuse and conservation (do’s and don’ts), recipes, tips, and getting back to our roots are all necessary at the moment, and we will post and share as much as we can here!



This has to be a meta for 2015. There are pine trees that grow locally here, and renting them in pots to crazy Christians who are hell bent on killing nature to celebrate the birth of Jesus will now have the option of RENTING a tree to decorate, without worrying about disposing of it later!! 

The Living Christmas company based in California is renting Christmas trees to locals who want to celebrate responsibly this year. It is estimated that about 30 million families kill trees every year during the holiday season. Sure there are states that have tree farms, that plant trees specifically to be killed within seven years, but why kill to celebrate a holiday?

Here in Puerto Rico, Christmas tress are not a tradition, and these trees being killed and imported by big box stores are expensive and sprayed with many toxins for export. There is no reason to import dead trees for no reason. Luckily enough, most Puerto Rican families do not choose to kill nature to celebrate the holidays. Would the few families that choose to have a real Christmas tree be willing to rent one? Check out our poll section to put in your answer!


Dear Local Restaurant Owners

Want more customers? Or more variety FOR your customers??


What is a vegetarian??
 There are several different types of diets that a person calling themselves "vegetarian" may follow.

fruitarian: eats only the fruits and seeds of a plant, the parts "that were meant to be eaten." Does not eat tofu or other processed products.

vegan: eats only plants and plant products. they do not eat ANYTHING from an animal, including broth, cheese, cream, or any other dairy products. true vegans do not eat honey or yeast.

lacto vegetarian: eats plants and dairy products. anything that does not require the killing of animals or their embryos. mahatma gandhi was this type of vegetarian.

ovo-lacto vegetarian: eats plants, dairy products, and eggs. eating eggs is generally not considered killing animals. common in the US.

pescotarian: eats plants, dairy products, eggs, and seafood.

How do I work with what I already have?

Simple! There are many ways to offer vegetarian/vegan options without changing your menu!

1. If you want a healthier menu, offer less fried foods! It is very important the fried foods you offer be fried in vegetable oil (that is not the same oil used to fry meats and fish). This will open many doors and options to your clients!

2. Offer salad dressings and sauces that are not cream or meat based. This one is very important for vegetarians, vegans, or people who are simply watching their weight. Heavy cream salad dressings add unnecessary fat, while a good balsamic vinaigrette does wonders. A light mango dressing or papaya puree would be so much better!!

3. Watch those beans! Offer beans with calabaza instead of pork or butter (Country Crock). They taste better & and not only are lighter and less filling, but also are much less in fat. If someone chooses to have pork, you can always add it as a side to your beans! 

4. ROOTS!! Offer root substitutes for meat. Many dishes have a heavy reliance on spices, and with yucca or plantain, you would not know the difference. The substitute can be offered, if not permanently on the menu.

5. Be creative! Offer your menu items with or without meat, and offer many vegetable substitutes! Remember, vegetables covered in butter may not be attractive to many of your veggie clients… or anyone trying to watch their weight! Also, experiment! The Caribbean offers the most array of exotic fruits and tasty vegetables, don't be afraid of them!

Offer other methods of cooking like baked or broiled. The cooking time might be longer, but the results will be a LOT less greasy!


Healthy Lawn-Healthy Environment!

We love this PDF presentation from the EPA reminding us all of the reasons we should treat our ground soil and ground water with loving care! We would like to add the importance of responsible pest control. Like the PDF states, if you find yourself with a pest issue, it is a sign that your lawn is not getting valuable resources it requires.  Spraying harsh chemicals not only pollutes the soil, but erradicates every type of beneficial insect that helps maintain a healthy grass. Be sure to research exactly what pests you are working with, but also lean towards home remedies and organic products to not destroy your yard completely.